The Vineyard and Olive Groves

The vineyard, which has just been replanted, surrounds the house in steep slopes. Of its 10.5 hectares (c.25 acres), 6.5 hectares are designated Chianti Classico.

To comply with the Chianti Classico requirements, 80% of the new vines are Sangiovese. The remainder are Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia Nera and Merlot.


The olive groves beside the drive provide a fine backdrop to the
vineyard.  They have been replanted with about 250 olive trees in four
main varieties:  Leccino, Moraiola, Frantoio and Pendelino.

The olive harvest comes in November. In the morning, they are picked
or combed out of the trees with plastic teeth, and caught underneath
in nets. In the afternoon, the fruit is taken to the local press or
frantoio where it is made into oil. In the evening, the fresh,
peppery, green olive oil is ready to be eaten on fett’unta (Tuscan
garlic bread).

Why not rent Le Radicchie over the harvest in November, so you can
pick your own olives, see them being pressed and take back home with
you a few litres of your own delicious olive oil?